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Bear is the product of a year we had no access to a registered buck of any kind, back when the herd first began.  A lovely 2 year old, freshening with a surprisingly capacious, well attached udder and a strong will to milk for a first freshener.  She's a bit on the immature side right now, but we can already see the doe she's going to become and look forward to her 2nd freshening. Pictured dry.

Starry Night

Grade Experimental

ADGA Reg: GE2157682

DOB: 3/5/20

Barn Name: Bear

                SS: Unknown

        S: Unregistered Sire (Nubian)

                SD: Unknown


Amber*Rose Starry Night


                DS: +*B Tempo Prestige

        D: WAHM LaManchas Madison

                DD: Tempo Val D'isere 6*M VG85

Kidding Record

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