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Second Freshening
Roseburg Show
June 2023

Bear is the product of a year we had no access to a registered buck of any kind, back when the herd first began.  A lovely 3 year old, first freshening at 2 with a surprisingly capacious, well attached udder and a strong will to milk for a first freshener that continues to shine through her second freshening.  

Starry Night

Grade Experimental

ADGA Reg: GE2157682

DOB: 3/5/20

Barn Name: Bear

                SS: Unknown

        S: Unregistered Sire (Nubian)

                SD: Unknown


Amber*Rose Starry Night


                DS: +*B Tempo Prestige

        D: WAHM LaManchas Madison

                DD: Tempo Val D'isere 6*M VG85

Kidding Record

Bear -  2022, 2Y/1F


June 2022

starry night.JPG

August 2022

Bear -  June 2023, 3Y/2F

AmberRose Starry Night..PNG
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