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Pip had to be recorded through ADGA's Native On Appearance program.  We know who her sire was, but were unsuccessful in obtaining the documents necessary to record her parentage on her registration certificate.  It is unfortunate, but she's a beautiful doe and produces some exceptional looking kids.  We're proud to have her in our breeding program regardless.  Pictured dry.


Barn Name: Pip

Grade LaMancha

ADGA Reg: GL2271986    

DOB: 3/21/17 - 2/25/23

                SS: *B Kastdemur's Ride The Wave

        S: Crown-Hill RTW Jerry (undocumented)

                SD: Rockin-CB LSP X-Rated VG86


Heartwood Haven Elune


                DS: Unknown

        D: Unregistered Alpine/Nubian Dam

                DD: Unknown

Kidding Record

Retained Offspring

Sire: Crown-Hill RTW Jerry

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