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Our Junior Does

2024 Dry Yearlings


Nigerian Dwarf    

ADGA Reg: PD2295954  

DOB: 2/25/23


                SS: De Novo Mars

        S: Pleasant Dreams DM Sir Neptune

                SD: Camanna BTA Ladyglittersparklz FS83

Hawkins HS N Allspice (aka Spicy)

                DS: Castle Rock Huron Sunset FS83

        D: Sunset Knoll HS Spicy Paprika

                DD: Sunset Knoll M Willow

2024 Juniors


Nigerian Dwarf    

ADGA Reg: Pending

DOB: 2/9/24

S3 - Prairie

                SS: *B Springwater AL Lets B Glorious

        S: *B Mitchell Family Farm LB Sam

                SD: Twin Pears W Lyra 6*M VG89

Heartwood Haven Prairie Song

                DS: Pleasant Dreams DM Sir Neptune

        D: Hawkins HS Neptune's Aria

                DD: Franke Farms PN Temptress VG85


Nigerian Dwarf    

ADGA Reg: Pending

DOB: 2/9/24

S14 - Vixen

                SS:+*B GCH Hidden Palms L Blue Lotus VG89

        S: Crescent Ranch BL Stormbreaker FS82 (Yearling Score)

                SD: Utterly Blessed Pieces O Eight VG87

Sweet Dairy Airs SB Vixen

                DS: *B Curbstone Valley Klamath River FS84

        D: Crescent Ranch Bless Her Heart FS83 (Yearling Score)

                DD: Curbstone Valley O Wild Peach 5*M VG85


Nigerian Dwarf 

ADGA Reg: Pending 


DOB: 2/7/24

S2 - Siren

                SS:*B GTB Farm BH Hart Throb

        S: Stomping "C" Farms HT Serrano

                SD: Fairland Farm TC Avocado EX90

Hawkins HS Sultry Siren

                DS: *B CH DIJI Farm Pal's Pre-Nup VG88

        D: Franke Farm PN Temptress VG85 (Yearling Score)

                DD: Franke Farm ID Empress

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