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DNA Typed--Alpha s1 Casein is A/A

Minty side2.jpg

Minty pictured May 2022

We were offered a wonderful opportunity to add Minty to the herd in April 2023.  A lovely 3 year old and paternal sister to our Sr. herdsire, Kingpin, we can't wait to see what this lovely doe will add to the herd.

Appraisal History

2022 @ [2-04] VEVE 88

Planned for 2024

Milk Test History

@ 1-01 | 267 DIM |  1720 LBS

@ 2-00 | 142 DIM |  1386 LBS

Lifetime | 409 DIM | 3106 LBS

Planned for 2024


Purebred LaMancha   

ADGA Reg: L2079050 

DOB: 3/9/2020

                SS: GCH ++*B Kastdemur's Watch Yourself EX91

        S: ++*B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi VG 88

                SD: SGCH Rockin-CB RZ Haiku 8*M EX92 

                                 (2021 ADGA National CH & BU)

Lucky*Star's RJ Minty 9*M VG88

                DS: SG ++*B Tempo Cai Daniel EX91

        D: SG Lucky*Star's TD Jasmine 8*M EX90

                DD: SG Vineyard View Kauai Azalea 7*M EX90

Kidding Record

Minty - May 2022, 2nd Freshening

Minty side2.jpg
Minty Rear 3.jpg
Minty Top.jpg

Minty - July 2021, 1st Freshening

Minty Side.jpg
Minty Rear.jpg
Minty Rear Udder.jpg

Minty 2022

Kudos, Minty, Lara, Novak(yearling), Liv.png

Line-up of Lucky*Star's Kudos, Minty, Lara, Novak, and Liv (In order) 2022

All Photos Above courtesy of Lucky*Star Farm

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